Awedde Meaning in English

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Awedde Meaning in English : Awedde is a word that originates from the Luganda language, which is spoken by the Baganda people in Uganda. It is a versatile word that has several meanings in different contexts. In this blog, we will explore the Awedde Meaning in English and its significance in Ugandan culture.

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Awedde Meaning in English

Awedde Meaning in English

One of the most common Awedde Meaning in English is ‘appointment’ or ‘meeting.’ In Uganda, Awedde is often used to refer to a scheduled meeting or appointment. For instance, if someone says they have an Awedde with you, it means they have a meeting or an appointment with you. This meaning of Awedde is widely used in both formal and informal settings.

Another meaning of Awedde in English is ‘promise.’ When someone gives you their Awedde, it means they have made a promise to you. In Ugandan culture, Awedde is highly valued as it signifies trust and loyalty. If someone breaks their Awedde, it is considered a breach of trust, and it can strain the relationship between the parties involved.

Awedde can also be used to mean ‘agreement’ or ‘contract.’ In business settings, Awedde is often used to refer to a formal agreement or contract between two parties. This meaning of Awedde is similar to the English word ‘pledge’ or ‘commitment.’ In Ugandan culture, making an Awedde is seen as a sign of seriousness and commitment.

In some contexts, Awedde can also mean ‘price’ or ‘value.’ For example, if someone says that a particular item is of high Awedde, it means that it is of high value or quality. This Awedde Meaning in English is often used in the context of buying and selling goods or services.

In addition to its literal meanings, Awedde is also used in a variety of idiomatic expressions in Ugandan culture. For example, the phrase ‘Akawedde kano ky’ettaka’ translates to ‘This appointment is in vain’ and is often used to express frustration when a scheduled meeting does not take place. Another common expression is ‘Okuwedde n’okusaba,’ which means ‘to promise and ask for forgiveness’ and is often used to express remorse or regret after breaking a promise or failing to fulfill an Awedde.


The term “Awedde Meaning in English” does not have a direct translation in English. It is a word that is specific to the Acholi language, which is spoken in parts of Uganda and South Sudan. However, the word is often understood to mean “peaceful reconciliation” or “forgiveness” in English.

Awedde represents an important cultural value in Acholi society, as it emphasizes the importance of resolving conflicts in a peaceful and respectful manner. The concept of Awedde encourages people to listen to each other, understand each other’s perspectives, and work together to find common ground.

As our world becomes more interconnected, it is essential that we embrace cultural differences and learn from them. The concept of Awedde is a valuable reminder of the importance of forgiveness and peaceful reconciliation, which are values that can benefit us all.

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