Top 7 countries with highest average IQ

Singapore: Singapore has consistently ranked highly in various IQ studies, with reported average IQ scores around 108-110.

Hong Kong: Hong Kong is often cited as having high average IQ scores, with estimates ranging from 107-109.

South Korea: South Korea has been noted for its emphasis on education, and some studies suggest an average IQ score of around 106.

Japan: Japan is recognized for its high educational standards, and average IQ scores have been reported to range from 105-106.

Taiwan: Like other East Asian countries, Taiwan places great importance on education, and average IQ scores have been estimated around 104-106.

Germany: Germany is frequently associated with a high average IQ, and studies have reported scores ranging from 102-105.

Netherlands: The Netherlands has also been mentioned in studies with relatively high average IQ scores, typically ranging from 102-104.