Top 10 Laziest Animals in The World

Sloth - Sloths are known for their slow movement and low activity levels, which is why they are often considered the laziest animal in the world.

Koala - Koalas are also known for their sluggish behavior, spending most of their time sleeping or resting in trees.

Three-toed sloth - The three-toed sloth is another species of sloth that spends most of its life sleeping or resting.

Giant panda - Giant pandas are known for their low-energy diet of bamboo and their tendency to nap for long periods of time.

Hippopotamus - Although hippos are large and powerful animals, they are often seen resting or sleeping in water during the day.

Walrus - Walruses spend most of their time sleeping or resting on ice floes or on land.

Python - Pythons are cold-blooded reptiles that spend most of their time basking in the sun to regulate their body temperature.

Opossum - Opossums are nocturnal animals that spend most of their day sleeping in their nests.

Capybara - Capybaras are large rodents that spend most of their day lounging in water or on the riverbank.

Stingray - Stingrays are bottom-dwelling fish that are known for their ability to remain motionless on the ocean floor for extended periods.