Top 10 Google Searches Worldwide

COVID-19 - The global pandemic caused by the coronavirus was the most searched term on Google in 2020 and 2021. People searched for information on symptoms, treatments, vaccines, and news related to COVID-19.

Election results - The US presidential election in November 2020 generated a lot of interest globally, and people searched for the results and updates on the election.

Zoom - The video conferencing platform became hugely popular during the pandemic as people started working and studying from home. People searched for tips on how to use Zoom and troubleshoot issues.

IPL - The Indian Premier League, a popular professional cricket league in India, generates a lot of interest worldwide. People searched for schedules, team updates, and scores during the IPL season.

Coronavirus symptoms - Along with COVID-19, people also searched for information on symptoms of the virus to help identify if they or someone they knew had contracted it.

Coronavirus update - As the pandemic continued to evolve, people searched for updates on the number of cases, deaths, and vaccination progress.

Kobe Bryant - The death of the basketball legend in January 2020 shocked the world, and people searched for news and information about his life and career.

Zoom stock - Along with searching for the video conferencing platform, people also searched for the stock performance of the company that owns Zoom.

Black Lives Matter - The protests and movements for racial justice that started in the US in 2020 gained global attention, and people searched for information and updates on the movement.

Joe Biden - After winning the US presidential election in November 2020, Joe Biden became a popular search term as people searched for news and information about his policies and administration.