Top 10 Features of Kawasaki Vulcan S

Engine: The Vulcan S is powered by a liquid-cooled 649cc parallel-twin engine that delivers a smooth and responsive performance.

Ergonomics: The bike has an adjustable riding position with an ergonomic design that allows riders of all sizes to comfortably handle it.

Suspension: The Vulcan S has a rear monoshock suspension and telescopic front forks that provide a comfortable ride and excellent handling.

Brakes: The bike features front and rear disc brakes with ABS for improved safety and control.

Tires: It comes equipped with high-quality tires that provide excellent traction and handling in a variety of road conditions.

Transmission: The bike has a six-speed transmission that offers smooth and precise shifting.

Instrumentation: The Vulcan S features a digital display that provides information such as speed, fuel level, and gear position.

Lighting: The bike comes with LED headlights and taillights that provide excellent visibility and improve safety on the road.

Styling: The Vulcan S has a modern and sleek design with a muscular fuel tank and a low-slung seat that gives it a sporty look.

Accessories: Kawasaki offers a range of accessories for the Vulcan S, including saddlebags, a windscreen, and a passenger seat, which can be easily added or removed as per the rider's requirement.