The Top 10 Incredible Animals That Dance

African Grey Parrots: These highly intelligent birds have been observed bobbing their heads and swaying to music.

Blue-Footed Boobies: These seabirds perform a distinctive "dance" during courtship displays, lifting one foot at a time and showing off their bright blue feet.

Cuttlefish: These cephalopods are known for their intricate displays during mating rituals, which can include rapid changes in color, body posture, and movement.

Honeybees: When a new food source is discovered, worker bees perform a "waggle dance" to communicate its location to other members of the hive.

Lyrebirds: These Australian birds are famous for their ability to mimic the sounds of other animals and even machinery, and they also perform elaborate courtship displays that involve dancing and showing off their beautiful tail feathers.

Manakins: These small birds found in Central and South America have some of the most complex and coordinated courtship dances in the animal kingdom, often involving multiple males performing together.

Peacock spiders: These tiny spiders found in Australia and New Zealand have some of the most elaborate courtship displays in the animal kingdom, involving intricate dances and displays of colorful flaps on their bodies.

Snowball the cockatoo: This cockatoo became famous for his ability to dance to music, with videos of him grooving to pop songs going viral on the internet.

Stickleback fish: Male sticklebacks perform a "zigzag dance" during courtship displays, swimming in a zigzag pattern to show off their brightly colored bellies.

Western Grebes: These North American waterbirds perform a synchronized "rushing" dance during courtship displays, where pairs of birds run across the surface of the water with their wings extended.