Tesla robot slowly walks on stage at AI Day

Tesla uncovered on Friday a model of a humanoid robot that it says could be a future item for the automaker.

The robot, named Optimus by Tesla, strolled firmly in front of an audience at Tesla's computer based intelligence Day, gradually waved at the crowed and signaled with its hands for around one moment.

Tesla President Elon Musk said that the robot was working without a tie interestingly.

Advanced mechanics engineers frequently use ties to help robots since they aren't sufficiently competent to stroll without falling and harming themselves.

The Optimus' capacities appear to altogether trail what robots from contenders like Hyundai-possessed Boston Elements are able to do.

Boston Elements robots have been seen doing reverse flips and performing modern dance schedules without a tie.

"The robot can really do much more than we just showed you," Musk said at the occasion. "We simply didn't maintain that it should fall all over."

Tesla additionally showed recordings of its robot performing straightforward undertakings like conveying boxes and watering plants with a watering can.

That's what musk guaranteed assuming the robot was delivered in mass volumes it would "most likely" cost under $20,000.