Tesla accidentally leaks all upcoming Supercharger locations

Elon Musk-claimed electric vehicle organization Tesla has coincidentally released all the impending Supercharger areas around the world, yet it fixed the issue, media reports said.

As per the auto-tech site Electrek, it was a bug, and Tesla immediately redressed the circumstance by eliminating the particular locations and on second thought just including the town or city where the new stations are arranged.

The Supercharger network is now the biggest EV quick charging network on the planet, and it is developing quick.

According to the report, the EV producer is gradually opening the organization to non-Tesla electric vehicles, which will change the idea of the Supercharger organization.

A new report said that Tesla introduced almost 4,000 supercharger stations worldwide, growing 34% year-on-year.

Tesla had 3,971 supercharger stations worldwide, recording a development of 33.88 percent from the 2,966 recorded during a comparable period in 2021.

During the initial three months of 2022, the Tesla stations remained at 3,724, addressing a development of 7.13 percent from the past quarter.

Altogether, during Q3 2021, the organization had introduced 3,254 stations universally.

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