Magnitude 3.2 earthquake felt in Oakland

An extent 3.2 seismic tremor was accounted for Saturday morning at 9:43 a.m.

Pacific time in Oakland, as per the U.S. Topographical Study.

The seismic tremor happened under a mile from San Leandro, Calif., one mile from Castro Valley, Calif., three miles from Ashland, Calif. also, four miles from Alameda, Calif.

In the beyond 10 days, there have been four tremors of extent 3.0 or more prominent focused close by.

A normal of 234 seismic tremors with extents somewhere in the range of 3.0 and 4.0 happen each year in California and Nevada, as per a new three-year information test.

The tremor happened at a profundity of 4.3 miles.

The occupants of San Leandro got somewhat of a reminder on Saturday morning when a few starter greatness 3.2 quakes struck the region, as per the US Geographical Review.

The principal shudder hit around 9:24 a.m., and the focal point was not a long way from the Oakland Zoo, in Knowland Park, as per USGS maps.

Two additional 3.2 extent shudders hit, practically one after the other, at 9:43 a.m., USGS information shows.

The US Land Review reports a fundamental size 3.0 tremor struck close to San Leandro, CA on Saturday.