IPL 2023 New Rules: All You Need To Know

With the introduction of the Impact Player Rule for the IPL 2023 season, a significant shift in IPL history was made. The competition will otherwise adhere to the rules from the last iteration. The IPL 2023 rules are described in the sections below:

Before handling their final playing 11 after the toss in IPL 2023, team captains might enter the pitch with two separate team sheets.

The teams can choose their best 11 following the toss, depending on the outcome of the coin toss. But, up until last season, the captains were required to switch teams before the toss.

The new regulation was put in place by the BCCI to curtail the proverb “win toss, win match” under specific circumstances.

Two DRS will be used in the IPL in 2023.

In the IPL, players can review wides and no-balls.

Upon a catch dismissal, the incoming batsman will take the strike whether the batsmen have crossed or not, unless it’s the final ball of the over.

The BCCI will try to reschedule the game for later in the IPL 2023 if any side is unable to find their starting lineup owing to COVID-19.

The IPL Technical Team will investigate the situation if rescheduling is not an option.