How To Avoid WhatsApp Spam Calls

Enable privacy settings: Adjust your privacy settings in WhatsApp to limit who can call you. Go to Settings > Account > Privacy, and configure the "Call" settings according to your preferences.

Only share your number with trusted contacts: Be cautious about sharing your WhatsApp number with unknown or suspicious contacts. Only provide your number to people you trust or those with whom you have a genuine connection.

Avoid publicizing your number: Be mindful when sharing your WhatsApp number on public platforms such as social media, online forums, or websites. This reduces the likelihood of random callers finding your contact information.

Block and report spam callers: If you receive a spam call on WhatsApp, immediately block the caller. Open the chat, tap on the name at the top, scroll down, and select "Block." Report the number as spam to WhatsApp by going to the chat, tapping on the name, scrolling down, and selecting "Report contact."

Disable auto-download of media: In your WhatsApp settings, turn off the option to automatically download photos, videos, and other media files from unknown senders. This prevents potential spam callers from sending unwanted content.

Use WhatsApp's built-in security features: Enable two-step verification in WhatsApp to add an extra layer of security to your account. This will require a PIN code when registering your phone number with WhatsApp, making it more difficult for unauthorized access.

Be cautious with forwarded messages: Spam callers may send messages with links or content that can compromise your privacy or security. Exercise caution when receiving forwarded messages from unknown sources and avoid clicking on suspicious links.

Regularly update WhatsApp: Keep your WhatsApp application up to date. Developers often release security patches and bug fixes to address vulnerabilities that could be exploited by spammers or hackers.

Use trusted security software: Install reliable security software on your device to provide an additional layer of protection against spam calls, malware, or phishing attempts.

Educate yourself about common spam call tactics: Stay informed about common spam call tactics and techniques used by scammers. Awareness of their methods can help you identify and avoid falling victim to spam calls on WhatsApp.