ABD Reveals Virat Kohli's Annoying Habit

AB de Villiers, former South African cricketer and teammate of Virat Kohli, recently revealed Virat Kohli's most annoying habit in an interview.

According to AB de Villiers, Kohli's most annoying habit is his obsession with fitness.

Kohli's love for fitness is well-known in the cricketing world, and he is considered one of the fittest cricketers ever to grace the field.

Kohli's fitness routine includes a strict diet, regular gym sessions, and other physical activities that keep him in top shape.

While Kohli's fitness regimen is impressive, it can sometimes be annoying to his teammates, as it can make them feel guilty about their own fitness levels.

AB de Villiers, however, also acknowledged that Kohli's fitness habits are an important factor in his success as a cricketer.

Kohli's discipline and dedication to fitness have helped him achieve remarkable feats in his career, including numerous records and accolades.

Despite his fitness obsession, Kohli is also known for his team spirit and leadership qualities, which have made him a beloved captain and teammate.

Kohli and AB de Villiers played together for the Royal Challengers Bangalore in the Indian Premier League, where they formed a formidable partnership and entertained fans with their explosive batting.