7 Countries With Highest Alcohol Consumption

Ireland: Ireland has a strong drinking culture, and alcoholic beverages, especially beer (including the famous Guinness), play a significant role in socializing and celebrations. It is worth noting that while Ireland is often associated with alcohol consumption, its ranking can vary depending on the specific measurement used.

Russia: Russia has a history of high alcohol consumption, particularly in the form of spirits like vodka. The country has taken measures to combat excessive drinking, but it remains a significant issue.

Andorra: Andorra, a small principality located between Spain and France, has relatively high alcohol consumption rates. This is partly due to the country's popularity as a tourist destination and the availability of duty-free alcohol.

Czech Republic: The Czech Republic has a long-standing beer-drinking tradition, and its per capita beer consumption is among the highest in the world. The country is renowned for its beer culture and produces a wide variety of beers.

Grenada: Grenada, a small Caribbean country, has been reported to have high levels of alcohol consumption. Rum, a popular alcoholic beverage, is deeply ingrained in the country's culture.

Lithuania: Lithuania has one of the highest alcohol consumption rates in the world. It is known for its strong drinking culture, and alcoholic beverages, including beer and spirits, play a significant role in social gatherings and traditions.

Belarus: Belarus consistently ranks among the countries with the highest alcohol consumption. The population in Belarus has been reported to consume a significant amount of alcohol, particularly in the form of spirits like vodka.