5 Jobs For MS Dhoni After Retirement

Cricket Commentator/Analyst

Dhoni's vast experience and deep understanding of the game make him a natural fit for a role as a cricket commentator or analyst. His insights and analysis would provide valuable commentary during matches, enriching the viewers' understanding of the game.


Dhoni's leadership qualities and cricketing knowledge make him an ideal candidate for coaching or mentoring roles. He could pass on his expertise to aspiring cricketers, guiding them on various aspects of the game, including leadership, strategy, and skill development.

Sports Administration

Dhoni's strong understanding of the game and his experience as a successful captain could be leveraged in sports administration. He could contribute as an advisor, consultant, or even take up an executive position in cricket associations or boards, working towards the development and growth of the sport.

Brand Ambassador/Endorsements

Dhoni's popularity and charisma make him a sought-after brand ambassador. He could collaborate with various brands and endorse products or services, leveraging his personal brand and fan following.


Dhoni has a keen business acumen, as evident from his ventures in the fitness industry and his association with a variety of brands. He could explore entrepreneurship, either by starting his own ventures or investing in businesses related to sports, fitness, or other areas of interest.