₹ 1,200-Crore Afghan Heroin Caught On Way To India, Was On Iranian Boat Via Pakistan

6 Iranians captured, 200 kg heroin held onto in joint activity by Indian Naval force, Opiates Control Department; parcels have 'scorpion' and 'mythical serpent' markings

Assessed to be worth ₹ 1,200 crore, 200 kg heroin made in Afghanistan originally came into Pakistan, from where it was placed on an Iranian boat, and all is right with the world sold in India and Sri Lanka, said Indian authorities today in the wake of having captured the boat and capturing six Iranian nationals.

This Iranian boat was to move the medications — being transported in a waterproof, seven-layer bundling — to a Sri Lankan boat, which couldn't be followed, said authorities.

Indian Naval force and the Opiates Control Department (NCB) directed the procedure on ocean on Thursday and got the held onto transfer to Kochi Kerala, alongside the six Iranian nationals, said Sanjay Kumar Singh, a senior proposal of the NCB.

The parcels have markings and pressing strengths one of a kind to cartels in Afghanistan and Pakistan, the official said. "While a portion of the medication bundles had 'Scorpion' seal markings, the others had 'winged serpent' seal markings."

he heroin was conceivably conveyed on a boat from Pakistan and later stacked onto the now-held onto Iranian vessel "in a mid-ocean trade", said authorities. This vessel then set forth to Indian waters for additional conveyance to a Sri Lankan vessel.

It was gotten before the handover. Endeavors were made to distinguish and capture this Sri Lankan vessel yet it couldn't be followed, authorities said.

NCB official Singh said the men on the Iranian boat attempted to escape by hopping into the ocean and furthermore attempted to dump the heroin into the waters.

The NCB expressed dealing of Afghan heroin into India by means of the sea course — Bedouin Ocean and Indian Sea — has expanded dramatically throughout recent years.