12 Facts About Steve Jobs You Did Not Know

Early entrepreneurial ventures: Before co-founding Apple, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak created and sold "blue boxes," which were illegal devices used to manipulate the telephone network.

Fruitarian diet: Jobs followed a fruitarian diet for a period of time, eating only fruits, nuts, and seeds. He believed that it would cleanse his body and keep him healthy.

Zen Buddhism influence: Jobs was deeply influenced by Zen Buddhism and spent several months traveling to India in search of spiritual enlightenment.

Adopted at birth: Jobs was adopted shortly after birth by Paul and Clara Jobs. His biological parents were Joanne Schieble and Abdulfattah Jandali, who later married and had a daughter, Mona Simpson.

College dropout: Jobs dropped out of Reed College after just six months but continued to audit classes that interested him, including calligraphy, which later influenced the typography of Apple products.

Pixar Animation Studios: In 1986, Jobs purchased a computer graphics division from Lucasfilm, which eventually became Pixar Animation Studios. He served as the chairman and majority shareholder of Pixar until it was acquired by Disney in 2006.

NeXT Inc.: After leaving Apple in 1985, Jobs founded NeXT Inc., a computer company that focused on creating high-end workstations for the education and business markets. NeXT eventually became an important part of Jobs' return to Apple.

Relationship with his daughter: Jobs initially denied paternity of his daughter, Lisa Brennan-Jobs, but later acknowledged and developed a close relationship with her.

Business failures: Jobs experienced several failures in his career, including the commercial failure of the NeXT computer and the Apple Lisa. However, these setbacks ultimately contributed to his growth and the development of future successful products.

Presidential Medal of Freedom: In 2011, Jobs was posthumously awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian honor in the United States, for his contributions to technology and society.

Minimalist lifestyle: Jobs was known for his minimalist lifestyle, often wearing the same outfits and living in sparsely furnished homes. He believed in focusing on the essentials and eliminating clutter from both his personal and professional life.

Last words: According to his sister Mona Simpson's eulogy, Jobs' last words were "Oh wow. Oh wow. Oh wow." The specific meaning behind these words remains unknown.