10 Weird Guinness World Records You Didn't Know Existed

Longest time spent balancing a lawnmower on the chin: The record holder balanced a lawnmower on their chin for 3 minutes and 52 seconds.

Most straws stuffed in a mouth: The record holder fit 459 straws in their mouth at once.

Most T-shirts worn at once: The record holder wore 260 T-shirts at once.

Longest time spent sitting on a toilet: The record holder spent 116 hours sitting on a toilet.

Most apples crushed with the bicep in one minute: The record holder crushed 10 apples with their bicep in one minute.

Most pencils balanced on the head: The record holder balanced 733 pencils on their head at once.

Longest distance walked on hot plates: The record holder walked 25.01 meters (82 feet) barefoot on hot plates heated to 147 degrees Celsius (297 degrees Fahrenheit).

Most tattooed senior citizen: The record holder has 98.75% of their body covered in tattoos.

Largest gathering of people dressed as fruit: The record holder saw 629 people dressed as fruit in one location.

Longest time spent covered in bees: The record holder was covered in bees for 61 minutes.