10 Best Wonders of Nebraska

Chimney Rock National Historic Site: This natural landmark rises 300 feet above the surrounding landscape and was a popular landmark for pioneers traveling west.

Carhenge: This quirky attraction features a replica of Stonehenge, made entirely out of cars.

Scotts Bluff National Monument: This impressive geological formation rises 800 feet above the North Platte River and offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium: This world-class zoo and aquarium is home to over 17,000 animals and features exhibits like the Desert Dome and the Lied Jungle.

Sandhills: The Sandhills region covers over one-fourth of the state and features rolling hills, grasslands, and sand dunes.

Nebraska State Capitol: This impressive building is the seat of Nebraska's government and features stunning art and architecture.

Arbor Day Farm: This 260-acre farm is dedicated to tree conservation and features a tree adventure course, a nature center, and a historic orchard.

Toadstool Geologic Park: This unique park features rock formations, badlands, and fossils that are millions of years old.

Buffalo Bill Ranch State Historical Park: This park is dedicated to the life and legacy of Buffalo Bill Cody, a famous frontiersman and showman.

Fort Robinson State Park: This historic fort was once used to protect settlers from Native American attacks and is now a popular state park that offers hiking, horseback riding, and camping.