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Sri Chaitanyo Mohaprobhu

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Show Type : Daily , Genre - Devotional
Show Director : Suman Roy
Cast : Rajat Ganguly, Neel Mukherjee, Saon Das, Ripom Majumdar
“Chaitanya Mahapravu (18 February 1486 – 14 June 1534) was a hindu monk and social reformer from 16th century India. A native of Nabadwip in Bengal, he promoted the worship of God, in his readition know by the name Krishna. He is venerated by followers of Gaudiya Vaishnavism…” etc.--- Everybody knows all about him. Actually he is a real hero in Bengal and India. Many of people still now wants to see him face to face, interested to know about Hindu dharma from him. But it is really impossible. May be for that reason, in 1999 Kolkata Dooradarshan started to telecast the first mega serial in Bengal film industry, ‘Mahapravu’. People enjoyed his early stage, his middle stage, his monk life etc. The mega ran 450 episodes with much more popularity. And now, once again Mahapravu in TV channel, as mega serial. Ruposi Bangla is the guardian of the mega. The piece will start from 1st June. A special episode will telecast on 31st May, Sunday, at 6.30 p.m. The story will start with Habsi period, when the people of Bengal tortured by Habsi criminal. And the people were very unhappy. Nabadwip, the central of Education was burning by Habsi torture then. After a long period Shree Chaitanya came. Started to worship God, promoted Hindu dharma and gave lesson about non-violency. How the people survive themselves in this corrupted period, will also showcase fairly in the upcoming new mega ‘Shree Shree Chaitanya Mahapravu’. Rajat Ganguli playing the important role Adyaita Acharya..
LAUNCH - 31st May, 2015
Mon - Fri - 6.30 pm


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